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Costume Wigs

We offer a broad assortment of colorful, crazy, sexy and fun costume wigs from the most popular brands. Costume wigs are perfect for Halloween, parties, holidays, theatrical productions or just for fun. We carry a wide variety of fabulous styles and colors. Happy shopping!

Nothing makes your costume “sing” like the right character wig. Snow White? You’ve got to sport the dark black tresses to match that classic Disney satin dress. I Love Lucy? No two wa-a-ahs about it, without the right costume wig and the flaming red (synthetic fiber) hair, you’re just another half-baked character who leaves everyone puzzling over your motives and your identity.

Costume wigs are maybe the most important Halloween accessory of all — some costumes are barely recognizable without the wig that completes the look. No rock star feels the beat without an 80s heavy metal wig; no movie star dares appear on set without the hair that defines the style; every self-respecting 50s cocktail queen must be crowned by an extravagant beehive.

Wig Design International offers hundreds of costume wigs for all kinds of characters, starting at low, low prices for cheaper one-time-use wigs and going all the way up to premium quality Kanekalon fiber wigs that look and feel like natural hair. But more on price: As always, you get what you pay for, and Halloween wigs are no exception. Premium wigs for women, as mentioned, look and feel like real hair, can be combed out like real hair, and remain cool and comfortable all evening long thanks in part to built-in mesh wig caps. Since these top-of-the-line wigs can cost as much as some costumes, we recommend that you purchase a wig stand to keep your wig in the best possible condition. Most character wigs are made of polyester fiber,

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